Dec 20, 2010

Four Deadly Sins of Project Communication - II

This is a second part of an earlier post on common pitfalls of project communication, click here to read first part.

I shared my earlier post on this topic on ‘The Project Manager Network - #1 Group for Project Managers’ – which is one of the most popular LinkedIn group among project managers. This started a very interesting discussion where various professionals shared their experiences, discussed their viewpoints and shed light on common pitfalls. Please have a look at discussion for valuable insight and feel free to add your own narrative of your own experience and views.

During discussion, need of ‘Stakeholder Analysis’ was highlighted as one of the first steps towards effective Project Communication. I found following good resources for further stuff on Stakeholder Analysis:

If you are further interested in learning intricacies of Project Communication, I would encourage you to read at least one of following  books:  


Thanks for your valuable feedback on LinkedIn. Really appreciated.

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