Dec 21, 2010

Compilation of FREE Project Documents Templates

While analyzing search queries data on Google Trends, I observed one of the top search queries related to project management is regarding search for ‘free project management documents templates’. This finding made me recall my initial days as project manager and later while I was preparing for PMP examination, I also searched various templates to see how project management concepts are actualized in real world and how different processes are recorded in documents. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to compile list of free project management documents templates and share them in one place. It would be a good resource for new project managers, particularly, while seasoned project managers can also compare templates-in-use with these templates and might find something useful to add.

Project Charter:

Preliminary Project Scope Statement:

Stakeholder Analysis:

Scope Management Plan:

Project Management Plan:

Communication Management Plan:

Cost Management Plan:

Risk Management Plan:

EV Analysis Report:

Lessons Learned:

I also found this collection of templates useful:

I hope this compilation of free project document templates will be helpful, please add further resources, that I missed, in comments below and I will then update post to add them. Cheers.

Thanks to comments of Lee Cash, Sorin Scortan and Michel Operto - we have got links of more FREE templates:
Project Management Docs - templates:

Project Success’s Resource Center: [requires login]


Lee Cash, PMP said...

This is excellent. Here are some suggestions for your consideration for inclusion. (1)Look at the CDC's Unified Process site, it has numerous templates, tools, and brief technical articles, (2) See Project Success Method's site at -- I've known one of the co-founders over 30-years; retired chair of GSU's School of Management (3) Need good template and "bread crumbs" for constructing activity network and methods for building "a well formed critical path" from the network's WBS; will forward when I find a good example.

Thank you,

Sorin said...

Please find some other nice PM templates at

Sridhar J said...

Excellent list. Added you to the feed.

A couple of suggestions:

1. You can make a page out of this, instead of keeping it as a post, so that you will find it easier to update as you find new resources or old ones go stale.

2. If you can leave in the original links instead of, the original sites can get some trackbacks and your page will get some good SEO :)

Ali said...

Excellent suggestions Sridhar, thanks!